Floor 21, Wing Cheong Commercial Building, Jervois Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Tel: (852) 2137-0614 Email: [email protected]



UV Pen

Fire Extinguisher

Restaurant Seat

Restaurant Table

Bar Sofa

Glass Fire Rated Door

Stainless Steel Door

Fixed Glass Window

Single-Leaf Glass Door

Double-Leaf Glass Door

304 Steel One-frame Door

304 Steel Two-frame Door

Fire Rated Aluminium Door

Auto Sliding Door

Glass Sliding Door

Metalic Sliding Door

French Door

Floor Hinge Repair

Certificate & Report


Steel letter box

Entrance keypad

Sewage cover


Lift Door

Steel Table

Steel glass wall

Steel Ladder

Suitable for Office, Commercial, Business, Factory, Industrial, Bank, School, etc


 Tel: 21370614


Company Profile

Sentry Yale Chubb Yes

Ace for Affordable

We pick high quality and fire resistant safe that meets the flammability standards to protect your valuables. Our invisible ink marking UV pen lets you mark your properties with personalized signature, which can be displayed under our LED UV flashlight. Secured the safe in place by internal bolts. Our safes are reasonably priced, and is meant to store precious products, customer sensitive materials, and staff records.
We specialize in Fire Extinguisher, Fire Blankets, and Sand Buckets for domestic, office, industrial, and trucks.


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