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Glass Fire Rated Door

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Fire Rated Aluminium Door

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Steel letter box

Entrance keypad

Sewage cover


Lift Door

Steel Table

Steel glass wall

Steel Ladder

Suitable for Office, Commercial, Business, Factory, Industrial, Bank, School, etc


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Ace Fire Rated Glass Door

Any premises removed the fire rated door at the entrance, and install non-standard binding door, rolling gate, swinging gate or sliding gates, might be ordered to restore the construction work to provide emergency exits.

Please refer to:
Buildings Ordinance Section 24(3)Section 24(4A), Section 33 on Building Authority.
Building (Construction) Regulations Section 90 on Fire Resisting Construction.
Building (Planning) Regulations Session 41 on means of escape.

Our affordable fire rated glass door conforms to BS476 fire-rated standards. Under the request, you may present the related assessment report and fire resistance test report.

If you wish to replace your bsen1363, bsen1634, or bs476 fire rated glass door, please contact us: 21370614.

Contact Us: 21370614

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